Mu Online Season 12

New server x500 dynamic with resets, custom events coded for just Angelsmu and wont see on other events!

Antihack System

Best antihack system out there, blocks all cheats + macro commands

4 Servers for each taste

X50, X500, X1000, X9999

Earn ruud

Earn ruud my killing bosses and dropping medals/boxes

Angels Mu Online X1000 Server 9. November

Angels Mu Online new server x1000 grand opening  9. November!
Medium high experience.

To play on x1000 server you need to register for x1000 server Angels Mu Online REGISTRATION, and choose server!

Resets: 400lvl 5kk zen, Stats stays!
Grand reset: 150 resets, 1kkk zen, reward 1000 Credits!

Server will be opened:
17.00  UTC +2 (Poland)
22.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
11.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)

On server opening day we guarantie about 500+ online players! Come and join race for resets, race for
first to kill new bosses, and to get best best loot!

Server has custom HUNT System! Rewarding drop in top maps and bosses! Custom drops from raklion map!

Experience: x1000
Master exp: x1000

Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 300

No webshop, Simple cash shop, item upgarde system!
Full working events with great rewards!

Medals/Boxes drop gives 1 RUUD Point!
Mu Online MuBOT: Free (1zen*level)

Jewel succes rate: Soul: 70%, Life 70%, Harnony 60%
Chaos machine:
+10: 70%, +11: 60%, +12: 60%, +13: 55%, +14: 50%, +15: 45%
+Luck adds +25%

Duel damage: 60%
Gens damage: 60%
CC damage: 50%

/post command: 1 reset, 100k zen
/pkclear in website 10kk* kill

Max connections per IP: 10
Elf buff: till 220LVL



Posted 26 / 04 / 2018 By admin

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